Managing the Network

The economy of Northern Ireland is heavily dependent upon the road network. As the demand for travel continues to increase, DfI is increasingly using Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to maximise the capacity of the existing road infrastructure.

Over the past 10 years, our application of ITS has included

  • Extending and upgrading our motorway control systems and facilities.
  • Introducing "Managed Motorways" on part of the M1 and A12 Westlink.
  • Extending the area of SCOOT / UTC traffic control in urban areas.
  • Applying UTMC (Urban Traffic Management & Control) good practice.
  • Installing MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuated), and linked MOVA control at appropriate junctions.
  • Installing Busways on some sections of motorway hard shoulders.
  • Providing real time information for public transport passengers and priority at traffic signals for buses.
  • Establishing a Datex 2 data transmission link for exchanging information with other Traffic Control Centres.
  • Establishing a satellite UTC system in Craigavon.
  • Continuing to install traffic signals and controlled pedestrian crossings, including the introduction of puffin crossings to Northern Ireland.
  • Installing and commissioning the Foyle Bridge Safety Management System.
  • Installing a network of ANPR cameras for journey time estimation.
  • Continuing to install roadside variable message signs.
  • Developed a Joint Protocol with the police for the Management of Incidents.

DfI's ITS Strategy - Vision 2025 details the Department's objectives for development and deployment of ITS. ITS is ever changing with new and exciting technologies and ideas emerging all the time. The Department wants to remain at the forefront in embracing these new ideas. Further details are available here.